Well, I have left this blog hanging for a few months. I need to go back to sewing and keeping a record of it, since I find it so therapeutic. I can proudly say I made a Jedi outfit for my daughter to wear to Comi Con, that came out quite nicely. I was very […]

Well, that was quite the learning experience.  On the plus side: 1. I loved how easy it was to work with piping on this pattern.  It was my first pair of pants, and I was scared, but figured PJs would be forgiving.  Who is going to see me, anyway?  My family loves me and they […]

I am very excited to be starting my first sew-along and second sewing project.  I am following Did-youmakethat s sew-along for the Tofino pants.  I got my fabric, (nice red cotton print), white piping and white ribbon for the belt.  I can’t wait.   Now If I  could only figure out how to bring the […]

This weekend, I am determined to finish two sewing projects of mine:  My knit black skirt and my first pair of pants ever.  I will also help my daughter finish her top and skirt.  Let’s hope there’s enough time for this.

I am now entering the blogsphere, because I want to share my journey in the world of sewing clothes, which is completely new to me.  I have just completed my first beginner’s class at a local fabrics store, and I am fascinated by the possibilities that I see. I have just completed my first shirt […]