Tofino Pants finished

Well, that was quite the learning experience.  On the plus side:

1. I loved how easy it was to work with piping on this pattern.  It was my first pair of pants, and I was scared, but figured PJs would be forgiving.  Who is going to see me, anyway?  My family loves me and they do not care.  I chose a bold red cotton print that I loved.

2. I found the guidance that Karen from Didyoumakethat was right on the spot.  I loved participating on the Sewalong.


I did not do a muslin.  I thought the measurements would fit me fine.  Well, they didn’t.  When I put on the pants, the size of my butt made the back dip down way too much.  I was left with a nice fitting front and a huge gap in the back, on pants that were already made.  This stump me for two days.  Then I decided I would make a second waistband, and add that to the back of the pants;  after some trial and error, I found that if I added the waistband to the back,  (with two darts) and taper on the sides, that was enough to then keep the real waistband even.


I will post pictures later.



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